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Collection II

French Knotting

Did you even know knotting could be done in the French style? This instruction takes knotting to a new level of expertise that your client will be amazed with. Wow them by learning this technique with little effort. One section or many sections, French Knotting can be a speedy trick to elegance.

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(17 minutes 04 seconds)

Double Looped Tie

Double it up, tie it up, make your clients talk it up when they see the Double Looped Tie.This style is down and off to the side for a hot trendy look. Perfect for any whimsical party goer. What a fun technique to get your creativity going. Learn to double tie, then play, play, play to create your own trend setting hairstyles.

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(24 minutes 44 seconds)

Quad Fold

Want a glamorous style for a bride?
This up hair design is easier than it looks.4 folds and a veil make this look complicated. Watching the detailed instruction makes obtaining a quad fold effortless.If you've always wondered what an updo artist is thinking during an updo, then this is the look to buy. There are tons of tricks and tips in this look. This look also gives you a foundation to start almost any upstyle. The quad fold gives you the most information with your time for sure!

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(32 minutes 27 seconds)

French Twist a la Mode

The not so average French twist! Make your French twists modern by learning this look. Back and forth go the folds. Then a la mode surprise on the top with victory rolls. Embrace how flirtatious this look is. It's hot, it's now. It's the next generation of classic updoing.

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(12 minutes 40 seconds)


Scrunch Roll

Inspired by one of my own personal bridal clients in the salon. From behind the chair to your learning center comes this effortless updo. Give this head of hair the look of a modern day bride with fun adornment or just keep as a playful style. Either way it'll be a big hit with your clients. It's the perfect updo that's not perfect.

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(17 minutes 08 seconds)

French Push Braid

You may know how to French braid, but have you ever heard of a PUSH braid? Combine the two for a stunning "French Push Braid" This look takes shorter hair and makes it look long by breaking it down into simple sections. There is also a play on hair color to work into our braid for this look. What more fun can you ask for in an updo.

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(25 minutes 41 seconds)


Tease, twist, twirl and have fun too. If you've ever wondered how to make fine hair look thick, this is the updo to learn. Coil any hair, long or short, thick or thin, to get this spectacular look. Make it elegant or make it playful. Either way, this is an upstyle anyone can achieve.

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(25 minutes 53 seconds)

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